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Source: Jangan Pandang Pandang (2012) DVDRip RMVB/MKV-KURYU
Ripper: Karl@Jiwang
Encoder: Kuryu
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 90 min
User Rating: N/A
IMDB Link:
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitle: None


Ahmad Idham’s local comedy sees four friends, Ajis, Ben, Yaya and Diana, who are assigned to hike into an abandoned cave, Gua Bewah, in order to study the history of the place as their final year project for college. However, to complete the assignment they would need to help of a fifth member, which they find in the mysterious and gothic external student Marsha. Marsha reveals that she can guide them to an area of the cave that no modern human has ever entered. However, the group does not count on the various supernatural happenings that they have to face once they are there…


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